Vegetable garden for everyone

Everyone who grows own vegetables can confirm that their taste is unique and incomparably better than those vegetables which come from uncertain sources and contain a lot of chemicals of fertiliser as well as plant protection products. There are a lot of ecologically aware pople who dreams of their own gardens. It is worth to learn the facts and myths regarding vegetable gardens, find out in which vegetables grow and discover the basic knowledge of using cold frames.

Myths and facts of vegetable gardens

The fact that making our own vegetable garden you do not need a lot of space is highly encouraging. Well-selected plants can bear abundant fruit on the area of several dozens square metres. The myth that should be busted, it that working in the garden is time-consuming. Surely, much more time should be spent at the initial stage while establishing and planting. All you have to do later is only proper hydrating and elimination of weeds. Running a vegetable garden does not require specialist knowledge. The cultivation can be started with some ready seedlings enriched with time and experience.

In which vegetables and herbs grow?

For those who cannot obtain appropriate space it is a good solution to plant seeds in wooden pots or boxes. It is not only a good way for organising environmental friendly grow on the tarrace or even a balcony in the city but also an attractive decoration of the outer space. A practical solution, especially for seniors, is a vegetable garden on high legs which eliminates the necessity of bending while different types of gardening jobs.

A cold frame a step to own vegetable garden

In order to create own garden cold frames appear to be very useful. A cold frame is usually a wooden construction similar to a box without a bottom. It is a kind of a compromise between planting in the soil and growing in a greenhouse. It is an easy and comfortable way to take care of plants without exposing them to adverse weather conditions. We offer high-quality wooden cold frames designed in such a way which creates seedlings the best conditions to growth. A wooden cold frame is a useful and spectacular decoration of each property.

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