How to feed the birds?

When the temperature falls and the first snowflakes are visible outside it is a sign that we should think about help to our winged friends for which it is a very difficult time. The time and money spent on feeding the birds will be returned quickly when they pay you back by eating harmful insects from your garden. However, it is worth knowing how to feed the birds wisely and what type of bird feeder choose.

Is that true that bird feeding really helps them?

The answer to thequestion if the bird feeders are helpful for birds is semingly obvious. On the one hand the birds get food that lacks in winter and thanks to it they are able to survive, but on the other it makes them lazy in foraging. That is why it is so important to feed the birds regularly. Birds that are used to obtaining food in one place may be unable do find it on their own. Those, who reguraly provide food to the bird feeders are really helpful to birds. Moreover, every day they can enjoy the view of birds eating the food and be close to nature without leaving their homes.

Bird feeder – how to choose the best one?

Before the purchase of a bird feeder it is advisable to find out what bird species occurs in the nearest surroundings. On this basis the appropriate size of the bird feeder should be chosen. Another important aspect is the protection of the food against the weather conditions. A built-up bird feeder reduces the spilling of the food and the roof makes it possible to protect the seeds from snow or rain. The ideal bird feeder is that which helps the birds to relax and rise into the air. It is also worth taking into consideration which type of bird feeder makes it easier for us to keep the hygiene inside the bird canteen.

Hejs – a manufacturer of bird feeders

As a manufacturer of wood products we offer a wide range of bird feeders fully made of natural materials. Thanks to enormous variety of models, everyone who takes care of birds and aesthetics of the surroundings will find an appropriate option. We invite to the cooperation shops, garden wholesales and retail chains that want to offer to their customers an interesting range of wooden constructions for birds. We offer a great variety of catalogue accessories with interesting design. What is more, we can perform models according to the projects and ideas of our customers.

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