How to care for willow furniture?

Furniture made of willow is perfect for interiors in almost every style. It is also an attractive decoration for terraces, balconies and gardens. Its raw material guarantees the unique appearance while being both a wise and a pro-ecological choice. In order to keep the beautiful and natural character of the furniture for a long time it is worth to learn which conditions have the negative impact on its durability as well as find out what types of cleaning and maintenance products are allowed to be used.

How to clean willow products?

The basic activity which helps to keep willow products clean is dusting. Dust can be removed with vacuum cleaner, a dry cloth or a scrubbing brush. Larger contamination should be washed with water. The ideal choice will be home-made solution of salt, lemon, baking soda or vinegar mixed with the proportion of two table spoon per one litre of water. Do not worry! Furniture impregnated with oil properly is moisture resistant. It is not necessary to use any professional detergents.

Water and the sun is what can be the most harmful to willow products

Willow is quite resistant to weather conditions. However, as a natural material with time and intensive usage it is subject to loss of its original beauty, especially when overexposured to rain or sunlight. If the piece of furniture is not protected appropriately adverse weather conditions may cause its deformation and discoloration. That is why all our products are impregnated with environment-friendly lacquers which protect the piece of furniture successfully and at the same time are harmless to people.

Maintenance of willow products

It is worth to repeat the maintenance operation form time do time, especially when the protective layer wears off and we want to keep the original condition of willow product. With regard to furniture inside the building it is enough to wipe regularly the surface with a cloth moistened with any vegetable oil. When it comes to garden furniture which is exposed to weather conditions every day, it advisable to use lacquers that create protective coating against moisture and fading. It is important to clean the piece of furniture properly before the application of the lacquers. When the willow product loses its charm it can be painted with any wood paint. It that way one can obtain refreshed piece of furniture that withstands years.

The susceptibility to damage can be reduced not only by application some protective agents but also protecting furniture with f.e. foil or waterproof covers while longlasting rainfalls. In winter it is advisable to store the furniture in a garage or any other dry place.
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