Vegetable crate 17423

Dimensions (width x depth x height)

  • 75/118 x 40 x 110,5 cm


  • Pine
  • Foil
  • Chain
  • Split hazel
  • Cellular polycarbonate 6 mm

The method of attachment

  • Freestanding

Additional information
A plant frame of premium line.
The combination of wood,  cellular polycarbonate and processed hazel which is resistant to damage and weather conditions.
The product is equipped with legs, back side open shelf and very durable 6 mm cellular polycarbonate.
A hinged cover is  equipped with a metal chain and silver handle on the top part of the cover.
The back side is higher than the front one.
All frame is aesthetically milled.
The inside part of the product is equipped with thick garden foil.
Wood is impregnated with eco-friendly colourless lacquer.

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Additional information




Natural not impregnated


Clear varnish

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