Made out of wicker trays, platters and serving dishes are one of the most popular product in our entire store. They are very useful natural and light. Plaited with passion and devotions, they are very valuable in majority of households. Our wicker platters are great for serving drinks, food and finger food, not only in the kitchen or dining room but also at the big parties, barbeques and family celebrations. All trays are woven with extreme precision and care to the smallest element. They are very solid and sturdy so with no problems you can serve quite a few cups of coffee, tea or refreshing drinks for children. Classic trays with holders will be certainly appreciated on lethargic Sunday morning when having breakfast in bed or during lunchtimes on the patio on sunny days.
Except from serving wicker trays are commonly used as handy organizers in our kitchen cupboards and pantries, also as trays to display delicious fresh fruits or other tasty snacks on the kitchen table.
Our wicker trays are extremely functional and portable. Thanks to very wide choice of proportions, shapes and types, every shopper will find the perfect tray for himself. All trays are very chic plaited with greater precision to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

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