About Us…

HEJS is now one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of wicker products in Poland.

Gathered around us craftsmen producing wicker skills derive from multigenerational tradition that the earth Rudnicka instilled in the nineteenth century, Count Ferdinand Hompesch. He founded a wicker school which taught hundreds of people the profession of baskets. Our company is based on these traditions. It was created at a time when the state monopoly on all economic activity is no longer valid. In the new economic conditions dynamic development of the company through wide trade relations with customers all over Europe built a solid foundation for today’s success of our company.

On this basis HEJS as the company permanently associated with wicker introduces her to ever new types of products. They were the first wicker baskets, and more recently of small garden architecture connecting the wooden skeleton of filling the wicker like bowers, garden bars, pergolas, woodsheds, housing rubbish bins, compost bins. Rudnik is considered of Polish wicker capital – it is a small town lying on the Subcarpathian region which for more than 130 years are developing thanks to the production of wicker. The work for the industry wicker involves many surrounding villages and manufacturers from Rudnik and the surrounding area produces most of wicker products in all Europe.